A long-lost Schnauzer is reunited with his owner as the dog faints with excitement


Two years have passed and there is no sign of Casey’s schnauzer.

The dog disappeared and his owner almost gave up all hope of ever seeing his beloved dog again.

But the lost dog was found and found its owner. The schnauzer was so overcome with emotion that he seemed to lose consciousness.

While Casey was missing, his mistress was working and living in Slovenia. She returned to her hometown of Merrysville, where this joyful reunion took place.

The moment they saw each other, she burst into tears, the dog squealed with joy, and her mother found it difficult to contain her emotions.

When they cling to each other, you can feel the love and affection between them.

Suddenly, Casey leans to the side and appears to pass out. She was delighted.

The jolly dog was overjoyed, and she got over it. They took him to the vet who examined him and said all was well with the dog.

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