«Not only the departure of a dog destroys us» — Young man breaks down crying next to his deceased horse


A dog is a truly loyal creature, but it is not only with these little angels that we establish strong bonds.

For this reason, the image of a man torn apart by the departure of his horse has made us reflect on how incredible each of those beings that we adopt as pets can be.

«Not only the departure of a dog breaks our hearts»
Just like with people, our pets become an important part of our family and we want to always keep them in our lives, but sadly they are not immortal either.

That is why we want to invite you to enjoy every moment shared with that little angel that you decided to welcome into your home to the fullest.

We love them almost like our children and we would like them to be eternal

Work, problems, the fast pace of modern life, can take us a little away from the truly important things such as our own family. But they, your pets, unlike the claims that a father or a brother, even a son, could make, will never reproach you for anything in life.

Animals are the most noble thing there can be and even if they suffer from your absence, they are always at home waiting for your arrival and all they ask is that you spend a little time and company with them.

«Please do not leave me alone! That the last hug is not after having lost you.»

Having a pet is not simply feeding it and ensuring good health, but like a child, you have to give it lots of love and company.

We want the tragic and emotional image of this man hugging his horse to make us reflect in the same way that he has made thousands of people around the world reflect, since the photo went viral on social media.

The anonymous subject is noticeably torn, as he clings to his horse that lies lifeless in a makeshift pit.

Surely, he was his faithful friend for years and for that reason he set out to give him a decent burial.

We don’t know all the adventures and dreams they planned together, but surely since he was a foal he was part of the life of this young man, who now, broken with grief, says goodbye to his best friend in inconsolable tears.

Probably, he promised him that he would be by his side, until his last breath. And although we do not know the circumstances in which he finally crossed the rainbow bridge, we dare to assure you that this beautiful little horse never lacked love, quite the opposite…

Surely, his owner always looked after his well-being and his health, because he looks robust, and with a shiny coat. But, death, he comes like a thief even for these beautiful creatures, leaving those who loved and protected them with a broken soul.

We hope this boy was able to share to the fullest and really enjoy the love of his horse. That that farewell hug could also have been given to the creature when she was alive, and that it was not too late to convey his love to her.

But, if we reflect a little, how much love are we giving our babies? Whether it’s a puppy, a cat, a turtle or a chicken, everyone, absolutely everyone deserves to receive a bit of that love and loyalty that they transmit to us. Let’s not wait for our pets to die to hug them, let’s give them all the love they deserve in life.

May this brief reflection and this sad image motivate many pet owners to give them the love they deserve so much today. If you have them by your side, run to hug them and don’t stop taking advantage of every second of love by their side. Tomorrow may be too late!

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