Save the pregnant dօg that lay in the middle օf the street begging fօr help


Save the pregnant dog that lay in the middle of the street begging for help

For a pregnant dog, her life took a complete turn after a kind soul took pity on her situation, lying motionless on the roadside, completely vulnerable and a few days away from going into labor.

The man called an animal rescue center to come and give him all the help he needed.

Sadly, the reality for many furry stray people is full of desolation, hunger and misery. Something that looks like a chain by not sterilizing or castrating the furry ones, leaving as a consequence that more furry ones are born in street conditions by not having responsible owners to ensure their well-being.

Pregnant dog was lying on the side of the road, her life and that of her young were in danger.

Recently, the rescue center Guardians of all the voiceless received a call from the man who notified the state of abandonment in which the dog was. Without hesitation, a group of rescuers organized and went to the place where he was.

When they arrived, they stumbled upon a discouraging scene, a white dog was on the verge of collapse, her tongue was out and her strength seemed to evaporate.

Their lives and the lives of their offspring were at risk so they had to act as quickly as possible in order to save them.

The rescuers rushed and carefully transferred her to the clinical center, they could not stop worrying about the fate of the dog and the offspring that were not yet born, the future mother breathed with difficulty and constantly complained of the pain that invaded her.

When the rescue center arrived, they gave her all the attention they needed, they noticed that her temperature was very high which increased the risk for her and her babies.

She was very weak, but she had the support and all the care of a wonderful team that took care of her at all times. To help stabilize her, she was given intravenous treatment with all the required medication.

What worried his rescuers most is that he had no mobility in his paws and the condition in which the puppies were.

Within days of her rescue, the dog gave birth to seven adorable puppies, but sadly, two of them died.

Although it was a painful loss, her rescuers are grateful to have arrived on time and to be able to help the brave mother, she and her five pups are out of danger.

Guardians volunteers for all the voiceless moved the family to a shelter where they recovered satisfactorily. Fortunately, the dog gained strength and began to walk.

After only six days of his rescue, he showed such fortitude that he no longer needed treatment. He had a voracious appetite and quickly revealed his sweet and tender personality.

Her story became known among the locals and several people came to pamper their young and the brave mother who never ceases to amaze everyone by doing an incredible job.

This adorable ball of hairs is super happy to see their young grow, does not stop smiling and giving them all the love they deserve.

Perhaps she didn’t have the joy of growing up in a loving home with responsible people. But the fate of their offspring is already painted differently.

It is only a matter of time before they are given up for adoption. We trust that you will find the ideal family and can enjoy all the love you deserve.

There is nothing more gratifying than the look of happiness and gratitude of a rescued furry. Our hearts are stirred with joy knowing that this story had the best happy ending. Thank you to those who work tirelessly and make this possible.

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