Emotional reunion of the desperate man with his four puppies that an airline gave up for lost


In the last few hours, the video of a man who went into crisis after the airline lost his four puppies went viral. It was Joao Paulo de Costa, the loving owner who went into a panic attack and starred in a heartbreaking story for all lovers of furry ones.

Between screams and tears, he demanded information from the airport staff about the whereabouts of his pets that are like his children.

Emotional reunion of the desperate man with his four puppies that an airline gave up as lost
The man involved in the situation was flying with his wife and their four Papillon dogs.

A trip from the Philippines, which was destined for Switzerland, with a stopover in Istanbul, Turkey. During his stopover, the airline informed him that his next flight had been cancelled.

At that time, Joao Paulo approached the airline officials to ask about his pets, but they only evaded him without giving him any explanation of what had happened.

To his surprise, the airline workers told him they did not know where his four puppies were. It was then that the man became desperate to the point of throwing himself to the ground.

«Where are my dogs? Show them to me! I’ll pay whatever. My four dogs, where are they? What have they done with them?”, the desperate man shouted.

A heartbreaking scene that was captured on video and shared on networks, moving thousands of Internet users around the world.

For the peace of mind of the man, and of all the lovers of the furry ones who closely followed this case, from Zoorprendente.com we want to tell you that the man finally managed to find his puppies.

«Thank God everything was resolved, the police arrived and we had the opportunity to see the dogs because the airline did not give us any information,» Joao explained.

Through his official Instagram account, he posted a video where he gave more details about what happened and explained what happened. In addition, he thanked the Turkish police for helping him reunite with his adorable furballs. In this regard, he commented:

“The purpose of this video was never to go viral (I didn’t even realize I was being recorded, but it went viral). All this only served for everyone to observe how they usually treat the air transfer of our dogs, I ended up losing contact with them at the airport of my connection with Turkey, thank God and the Police we managed and found them. We can never accept this kind of deal. Everything went well, but what if it didn’t?

The man was clearly excited to meet his puppies again, for him they are like his children and his greatest loves. The situation that Joao found himself in due to gross negligence on the part of the airline is something that no pet-owning traveler should definitely experience.

We love knowing that this story had a happy ending but, without a doubt, it is a wake-up call to continue fighting for the unfair treatment that our puppies receive.

«We can clearly see the nonsense and carelessness that was done to my dogs, our four-legged pets do not deserve this treatment, they cannot be treated as suitcases or objects,» he said.

Although some airlines already allow puppies to travel with their owners in the cabin, it is not yet a general regulation. This should be a right for them, it is time for airlines to put themselves in the place of dog owners, and stop treating our four-legged earthly angels as if they were luggage.

We celebrate this comforting ending that shakes our hearts with happiness but let’s not stop raising our voices in the face of the unfair treatment received by those we love so much.

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