After a long wait, the pitbull that nobody wanted finds a home


Basically, people choose family animals based on their appearance and always prefer the most beautiful ones, but no matter what they look like, all dogs need love and care.

This dog has finally found his family despite his strange appearance. He is a dog named Wally and he is not like the others. Before that, he lived a very bad life and his only wish was to finally have a family.

When he was transferred to Long Island, New York, he was still very young and in poor health. Unfortunately, the boy was blinded by the infection. Due to his blindness, his appearance changed and the shelter staff feared that no one would want to adopt him.

The vet says that he is a very funny dog and that he especially likes to walk and do nothing. Unfortunately, not everyone saw his inner beauty, and the dog had to wait a long time to be noticed.

But in the end everything had a happy ending. Now the dog is resting in his cozy house and has found his permanent home.

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