A calf was born in Ireland on Valentine’s Day with an adorable heart-shaped mark on its forehead.


On Valentine’s Day, a calf was born on an Irish farm with a heart-shaped mark on its forehead. The calf was a female and won the hearts of many Irish Internet users.

He had to choose a name for the calf. The farm owner was faced with the problem of making a name for the calf.

Over time, due to his unique appearance, he became a star. They had to find a good name to describe it.

The farmer asked his three children to come up with a name for the calf, but the children were just playing with the calf and couldn’t think of a name.

They were obsessed with the calf and couldn’t get rid of it.

White spots on the skin of cows are common, but this heart-shaped sign is so rare that it shocked everyone.

It was actually a very nice feature and it was different from all the other calves.

When he grows up, life will become more interesting for him, he may become the most beautiful calf known, but now he is enjoying his childhood.

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