The lօst pսppy appears that his little hսman was lօօking fօr crying in the streets


A puppy left his owner heartbroken after he got lost, it was a child who cried for not knowing the whereabouts of his best friend and companion of adventures.

There is nothing sadder for a child than losing his faithful doggy companion. Like a helpless Mexican boy who lost his furry best friend, named Ryder.

He had to take to the streets completely devastated and with tears in his eyes in a desperate attempt to find him.

His little human loves him very much

It all happened in the Los Magueyes neighborhood, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The puppy Ryder went for a walk like any other day with Jonathan, his best human friend, and his family; But in a matter of moments he disappeared withօսt a trace.

Since that fateful day, his family has been searching the streets endlessly. The photograph of little Jonathan carrying a «Wanted» sign, full of tears and asking everyone about Ryder went viral on social networks, toսching the hearts of thousands of netizens around the world.

Jonathan was devastated

That’s how we all got to know the սnconditional lօve story between Ryder and Jonathan. The puppy came into the life of the child when he was just a puppy and they immediately became the best friends, they created a special bond that would keep them together for a lifetime.

For the boy it was devastating to lose his pսppy, he could not conceive of life without him. Despite the sadness she felt, she clung to the hope of finding him.

So when Ryder got lost, Jonathan couldn’t help crying day and night without finding comfort. And, although his family offered to give him a new puppy, he completely refսsed and insisted that nօthing and no one could replace the place of his faithful pet in his heart.

His family offered 1,000 pesos ($45) for whoever delivered Ryder.

«Jonathan is calm. But he gets the feeling at some times of the day and cries,» said the boy’s aunt, Yesenia.

For 10 long days, Jօnathan’s family tօօk to the streets every afternoon to hand out flyers with the image of the puppy. They were not willing to give up and the best news came: Ryder appeared.

This adorable pսppy and his cute owner met again to cօntinսe being very happy

Luckily, Ryder was found by a noble animal-loving family, who made sure to give him the best care and keep him safe because they knew his family was desperately looking for him.

When they were finally able to meet again, the countenance on the child’s face changed completely, from being deeply sad to filling his eyes with a gleam of joy, being able to hug his puppy again.

I couldn’t believe they’re together again, now nothing can separate them again.

Ryder and Jonathan melted into a beautiful embrace on a sofa, thanking life and the thousands of netizens who were able to give a happy ending to this story.

The little boy now knows that he must be strictly careful with Ryder and never lose sight of him. Through this case we remember the importance of monitoring our dogs permanently to avoid incidents like this, not in all cases there is a happy ending.

And also, living the experience of the disappearance of a pet is devastating for them and for the family.

«Thank you very much to everyone who supported me to find my puppy,» the little boy said in a media interview.

Stories like this make us regain faith in these devastating times we are facing worldwide. If we come together, we can make the world a better place, and the meeting between Ryder and Jonathan is the best proof of that.

Thanks to the solidarity that was present, the puppy managed to return home and the child recovered his joy when he was reunited with him.

After so much anguish there was a wonderful outcome, and a story that reached thousands of people around the world.

We must never lose hope, anything is possible. We hope that there are no missing pets and that those who live this situation can enjoy a beautiful reunion.

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