The Family Brought Home a Feral Kitten: Find Out What He Looked Like When He Grew Up


This story is about a wild cat who built a nest for her baby in an abandoned carriage and took him there.

One day, while patrolling the area, they spotted a kitten.

Vadim and Olga decided to adopt him and bring him home and start taking care of him.

The baby was very weak and needed his mother’s milk. They fed the kitten from a special bottle, after which the baby calmed down a bit and was able to sleep a little.

Even though he was a feral cat, he grew up at home.

However, he could not resist for long at home and decided to leave home.

He was getting wilder and it was becoming more and more obvious.

The couple took her to the Daursky reserve, where she was released.

The cat got used to this environment and was already living quietly in the lap of nature.

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