Oh my God, look what happened to that poor dog.


Having pets at home or small children and a pool nearby can be one of the things adults should pay the most attention to.

We never know what can happen in seconds, even worse if disabled creatures are involved.

If there is a true expression of love and pleasure, it is that of puppies. Most of the time, they bet on filling the lives of their favorite people with joy, no matter what obstacles they may encounter; as is the case with this golden retriever named Leo.

For this puppy, there are no limits when it comes to having fun.

Leo is a special puppy, he has cancer and is in a wheelchair, it makes his movement easier and he can arrive in time to be part of the fun he loves so much.

Leo is a very playful puppy, despite his illness, he has never let it be a limit and he is always ready to take on new challenges, no matter how difficult they are.

The cancer immobilized part of the puppy’s body, so a wheelchair had to be adapted.

The brave 11-year-old puppy lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, spends his days with a loving family that does not see him as a different puppy, but as a very special puppy who, together with his faithful adventure companion, another dog named Taiia, they share unique moments and make the days truly magical.

For years, this adorable couple has filled every place they visit with love and fun.

Recently, in the middle of a sunny day, Leo surprised his family by diving into the pool where his faithful companion was enjoying the water.

Of course, he couldn’t let so much fun go unnoticed, so he decided to jump into the pool even though he had a wheelchair.

The couple has an Instagram account where their family shares cute photos and funny videos.

Monica, who is one of his favorite people, tried to stop him but seeing him so determined, she suspected what was going to happen.

Leo just wanted to be in the pool with her friend Taiia, no matter what was going on with the wheelchair. There was only one thing between Leo and a jump into fun, a chair by the pool.

We wish Leo many more years to live so that he continues to enjoy everything around him.

The woman, seeing that she could not stop him, helped him by removing the chair that was by the pool.

Leo did a somersault in the pool and went wild with the sweet Taiia:

The scene was recorded by the owner of this pair of hairy, who can be heard laughing in the background when she sees the brave golden jump with a smile on her face without worrying about what might happen.
Leo, despite being in a wheelchair, has shown that he is still an excellent swimmer.

Leo lives in the present and just wants to have fun.

As soon as he touches the water, it is enough to see his face to see that indeed, he enjoys being in the pool next to Taiia. The video was shared on Instagram, to date more than 100,000 people have enjoyed their actions.

No wonder it went viral, their playful antics, the way they complement each other and have fun make them a unique couple and definitely loved by all.

Leo showed us that no matter what obstacles we face, it’s up to us to have a good attitude and do something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Let’s allow more people to enjoy its incredible ability to have fun.

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