The sad moment when he pets his dog and sings in his ear until he crosses the rainbow


Animal lovers and those who have a dog, or any pet at home, know how difficult a separation is.

The little animals have a hard time and the owners break their hearts when they have to leave them for a moment. But, when that separation is forever, and the final moment comes when our furry ones have to cross the rainbow, there is no heart that can resist it.

This is what a renowned Argentine writer and journalist, Valeria Schapira, had to face.

She documented the devastating last moments of her 11-year-old dog, Joy.
“Today Joy left and, with him, a large portion of my soul. My crazy old man, Chiñor, left after an end of much physical pain, with a tumor that took him away in days”, begins Valeria’s moving message on Instagram.

Valeria recorded the sad moment when she, heartbroken, had to say goodbye to her beloved Joy. She wanted to share with her friends how devastated she was of her and how half her life was wasting on her faithful adventure companion.

The puppy was diagnosed with an intestinal tumor and metastasis, and for this reason she made the decision to give him a «peaceful departure», as his entire life had been.

Valeria found no better way than to dedicate a song to him so that he would feel accompanied and comforted in those difficult moments.

Spontaneously, the journalist began to sing «Sweetly until the end» by David Bisbal, with a completely broken voice, continuing to caress him and show him how much she loved him.

The emotional video has thousands of views on their social networks along with a wave of comments online:

«As we have always shared our adventures, I also want to leave you a small video, part of our coexistence in these days of farewell and fight against his illness,» Valeria wrote next to the scenes.

The journalist appreciated so many expressions of solidarity in such hard times, only everyone who knew her could take care of what it really meant for her. And she added:

“I will write about him and his teachings; there will be time… now is the time for his journey to a purer land. Thanks to everyone who joined us these days with his love, prayers, affection and respect for him. Eternal thanks to each of the people who helped us through these times of confusion, uncertainty and pain.

In addition, she shared on her Twitter account the emotional words that she dedicated to Joy, with which she identified so much:

Her social networks are full of images and memories of her beloved pet. She even shared another video that she had saved on her phone, in which Joy is shown already finished by the disease, but surrounded by affection for her owner.

When she was almost out of breath, she still had the strength to show her love to the end with her little paw:

It is very important that we be empathetic with all those who lose a pet, are a member of the family, are adored like a son, and overcoming their grief is not easy.

I hope that everyone who suffers such a loss will have a shoulder by their side who understands, encourages and strengthens them.

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