Man who lives with the world’s biggest wolf plays with him like a puppy


A Russian man decided to adopt a baby that appeared to be an adorable little dog, but as he grew older he realized the real animal he was taming.

Andrey Musienko is a youtuber who adopted a wolf puppy thinking that he was a dog, but now his little one has become a giant wolf and he did not hesitate to show it on social networks.

Man interacts with the biggest wolf on the planet and treats him like a little puppy.

Through his YouTube channel, he showed the great animal that was quickly labeled as one of the largest specimens in the world.

The wolf is a mammal that has existed for thousands of years on our planet. They have always been able to adapt to any environment in order to inhabit it. Because of this and because of all the different areas and ecosystems that are housed on our planet, there are different breeds of wolves both in size and appearance.

Since time immemorial, wolves have been considered ancestral companions and in certain cases, as domestic «dogs» of man.

And this is one of the main characteristics, they are large animals that stalk and hunt in herds through cold forests, such as North America, Siberia and Northern Europe.

However, this was never a limitation for Andrey, who was always receptive to seeing him grow and interact with what he considers his pet.

They can live from 6 to 12 years depending on whether they live in unified herds in specific territories or solitary.

The man has such a real and sincere bond with the wolf that he not only gave it a name, they perform typical activities that a pet owner does with his furry friend, interacting playfully with his owner is the most distinctive. Something that Andrey and Akela, his giant wolf, do quite often.

In the presence of the magnificent animal, anyone would think of running away, but for Andrey things work very differently, he who stays to play with his mischievous pet.

It is an animal that feeds exclusively on meat, this makes it a predatory carnivore at all times.

Akela sniffs and nibbles at her master, she also tries to pull him off his hoodie because the man ends up scolding him. Seeing them interact so genuinely, we can think that it is a small puppy in the body of a giant wolf.

Many will think that it is a very risky thing, but for this pair it is a rough game in which both parties seem to have fun.

This man is a great lover of animals, through his Instagram account he shares some photos and videos not only of Akela but of other furry ones that he cares for and loves unconditionally.

In his account we can see some photos of Akela when he was a common puppy, compared to now, when he is an imposing and playful wolf.

Hoping to improve the venue where Akela lives, Andrey Musienko started a fundraiser through his YouTube channel called Black Canadian Wofl, to which he has more than 462 subscribers.

On the fundraising page he commented:

«Many of you are asking to make a big aviary for Akela like in a zoo, and that’s why we did a charity fundraiser for a project close to natural conditions.»

Many people admired his bravery, others showed his amazement, they even tried to warn him because even though it seems that they are playing, he is still facing a wild animal.

Let us know in the comments your opinion about this unusual friendship that has given so much to talk about.

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