After twօ years, a wօman fօսnd her stolen hսsky in tears


A disappearance that will become the story of a touching and moving meeting between a dog and an owner who has never stopped looking for him. This story lasted nearly two long years filled with effort and hopes that eventually paid off in their time. As they say, it’s better late than never.

Cameroon and Semper Fidelis, are the main characters of this story. It was in 2014 that they met and that meeting will become an inseparable friendship until in 2017 a terrible event occurred.

Cameroon had to travel to California for specific treatment and had to leave Semper in the hands of his roommate who called him to inform him that the Husky had disappeared.

Posters were pasted all over the streets of the city, posts on social networks to qսickly find his beloved animal. Although she was beginning to get used to the idea of not seeing him again, the young woman did not stօp her search to the point of hiring a private detective to increase her chances of finding him.

Some time later, it turned out that the dog had been found in a shelter and assigned to another person. This information was found by examining the chip. Indeed, the shelter had not taken the care or the time to check if the dog belonged to someone. Semper was found on the internet for $200.

Thanks to the detective, the dog was brought back safely to its owner. This meeting was so emotional for the two that they could not stop cuddling. Here’s a story that ends on positive notes.

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