In the Netherlands, a phօtօgrapher saw and phօtօgraphed a gօօse flying սpside down here’s what scientists say


Vincent, an amateur photographer will have seen something unusual during a shoot – a goose that will have surprised users on social networks. No one was able to understand this strange behaviօr.

The man thought he was dreaming, seeing this with his own eyes when a wild goose performed a strange flight maneuver.

Its trajectory was as follows: zig-zag descent and take-off by turning on its back. As soon as Vincent captured the scene, he hurried to post on social networks that attracted the attention of many Internet սsers and was discսssed on forums in search of a logical answer to all this.

Despite the many assumptions, Serink, an expert in wildlife photography living in the Netherlands, joined the discussion with Vincent.

Indeed, it seems that the goose wanted to show himself in front of others to show tricks that he was the only one who could perform. When goslings learn to fly, comrades try to brag about their abilities by showing them to others.

It is a phenomenon that is known in ornithology to describe this particular behavior.
Photography may seem unnecessary to some, but it will be useful in the scientific community to explain the laws of aerodynamics and much more.

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