A dօg wears a special sսit to be with its mօther dսring chemօtherapy


Sydnee Geril, 25, of Ocala, Florida, had a very gruelling struggle, and Tulsa, her service dog, proved to be her greatest source of comfort. Sydnee and Tulsa have been close since their first meeting, and they continue to fight together as the lady battles an unusual bone disease, Ewing’s sarcօma.

After undergoing therapy for nine months following her diagnosis in 2017, she finally went into remission. She had to face many worries following her illness, but her dog was always there to comfort her.

Sydnee struggles with a fear of needles that even leads her to faint dսring chemotherapy sessions, but she still relies on Tulsa for strong emotional support.

Sydnee has known therapy dogs during her hospital stay, and she has always found comfort in them. Tulsa came into her life when she made the decision to have a dog of her own.

Unfortunately, he learned that his cancer had returned 8 months after leaving the hospital. That’s when he chose to train Tulsa as his service dog.

Although it has been difficult and the two-year-old puppy is still learning to support his mother, he has been a great help. Sydnee is warned by the dog when she faints with a paw on her leg, which gives her time to prepare.

Tulsa was unable to stay with her mother for the duration of the treatment because the COVID-19 outbreak damaged her immune system. Sydnee had to avoid spreading the disease through Tulsa fur.

The latter suffered a mental and physical blow because of all this. She was forced to use a wheelchair as a safety precaution in case she fainted, but most importantly, she missed her companion.

Shed Defender, a stretchy, machine-washable suit designed to be worn to conceal the dog’s fur, was fortunately discovered by Sydnee at the end of May. It was a complete success, which allowed Tulsa to accompany her mother to the hospital.

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