A cսte dօg that lօօks like a crսmpled blanket that yawns and opens its eyes


Harvin is not a dog like the others, he has become a star on social networks with thousands of users.

Seeing him might seem surreal to you, but his ancestors were hunting dogs.

A blanket or a crumpled towel is how this dog’s unique physique is described.
Her skin is so delicate and soft and forms folds also called wrinkles.

To keep the skin supple, it must be moisturized with the help of creams at least once every two days.

Teresa, his owner takes great care of him.

However, we must not forget that this beautiful creature needs help to see because at birth its skin prevents it from opening its eyes correctly.

To firm the skin a bit so it wouldn’t droop in front of her eyes, Teresa had to add staples and tighten them every day.

It’s certainly not perfect, but it helps nonetheless.

He is well known on the island of Menorca where he lives with his owner and his notoriety continues to grow on the internet.

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