A woman in California encounters a puma in her garden, her faithful dog attacks her to protect her


A rescue dog in La Vern, California, preferred to protect his family rather than run away when his owner, Mary Padres, opened her front door last month and saw a huge cougar watching him.

The 43-year-old woman didn’t expect her dog, Rocky, to behave like this. He describes Rocky as «kind and very gentle» and «non-aggressive dog.»

«I opened the door and saw the cougar literally looking at me,» Mary told The Epoch Times. He seemed to want to hunt dogs. »

Mary Padres, who ran the dog shelter and adopted Rocky for her playful nature, was very lively. Rocky expressed his gratitude to his savior by attacking the cougar.

«His defensive instincts invaded his brain,» he says.

«It was really horrible. He had attacked a real cougar. »

Puma and Rocky quickly disappeared from view.

Fearing for her dog’s life, Mary and her family went into the darkness of the night to find their dog.

Suddenly, a bark was heard and they stopped.

«At that point, we were really scared and realized something was wrong,» Mary added.

We took out our flashlights and climbed the hill. About half an hour later, they heard footsteps approaching.

«We were a little scared that we didn’t know who those steps belonged to until we saw it was Rocky,» Mary said. He ran towards us and fell into our arms. »

Fortunately, the family was able to take Rocky to the vet at dawn. He was bleeding, his breathing was weak. Mary said there were huge bite marks on the dog’s head and throat.

Three weeks later, Rocky has recovered 100%, but he still has some fears when it comes to going out to the park.

In addition to expressing surprise and gratitude for the courage of her faithful dog, Mary wants to warn her neighbors of the dangers of the cougar and ask them to pay attention to both their children and their pets.

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