The kitten hid in a pile օf laսndry in the washing machine, and the hօstess did nօt nօtice it and tսrned on the wash.


The kitten hid in a pile of laundry in the washing machine, and the hostess did not notice it and turned on the wash.

British Linda decided to wash her daughter’s clօthes. After picking up an impressive pile of dirty laundry, the woman carried it to the typewriter, not noticing that a kitten, barely two months old, had fallen asleep among the things. Alօng with the rest of the laundry, the baby was locked in the typewriter.

Linda’s machine is installed in the kitchen, so upon turning it on, the woman began to prepare dinner. A few minutes later, in addition to the usual machine noises, the woman heard others that made her pay attention to the washing machine. At this moment, Linda noticed the kitten, who was looking at her through the glass door with frightened eyes, turning arօսnd, as well as the laundry.

The woman immediately unplugged the power cord of the machine from the outlet, but could not open the door, as there was still water in the machine and the door remained locked.

When the water stopped flowing and everything was spinning around it, the kitten came to his senses a little and began to scream furiously, demanding to be released from captivity. The cat’s panic was also transmitted to Linda, she did not understand at all what she had to do, so she called the rescuers. Already after 20 minսtes, which seemed like an eternity to both the cat and Linda, the firefighters responded to the call and quickly released the prisoner from the car.

According to rescuers, such challenges are rare in their work, and in this situation they remember that the owner of the cat was much more frightened than the injured animal. Once free, the cat instantly calmed down, dusted off and went looking for a new place to sleep. Only the wet fur reminded him of the trouble that had befallen him.

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