This stray dօg sleeps with a stuffed animal and nօ օne cares aboսt him


Volunteers are wonderful in their work, they make the world a much better place for every person. A group of volunteers in Houston called the Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward.

They dedicate their time, initiative, money and lօve tօ keep stray animals in their community. The team rescսed more than 864 pet dogs from District 5 alօne.

It’s unclear why there are so many homeless animals in Houston. Perhaps they were abandoned by their owners.

The dogs they care for can find truly caring homes where they can live a happy life. They no longer need to sleep outside and starve in the cold rain for these pets.

They pay close attention to the type of homes that pet dogs go to to ensure that they live a happy life with caring family members.

Outdoor living, homelessness, cold and loneliness are problems for them.

This photo touched the hearts of many animal lovers. The animal mates with a dirty teddy bear but still comfortably wrapped. The dog snuggles up to him and rests.

It is common for volunteers to see dogs resting outside in the cold and alone. At the time, volunteers fed stray animals and captured a couple to take them to a first-aid station, where they eventually found their permanent home.

That’s when the volunteer saw the dog asleep and decided to take a picture of it.

Unfortunately, as their van was already full of dogs that were to be sent to the first aid station, they could not catch up. So they decided to quickly leave the pet dogs behind and return to rescue the dog at rest when they returned.

Unfortunately, when they returned, the dog had already disappeared with the stuffed animal. But the volunteers did the work for Calvin. He told the volunteers that he had a pet dog, but the dog always managed to break free. He failed to find the dog again.

Calvin went out of his way to help the wild animals of Ward 5..

Volunteers offered to help pay for veterinary services, including sterilization of his pet dogs. Calvin was very happy with the help. It’s great to see animal lovers collaborate!

It is a pity that at the moment this story does not have a happy ending, but the volunteers continue to work and find a sleeping dog and other stray dogs, as well as find them eternal homes.

The dog in the photo is unfortunately among several thousand and they will continue to work to ensure that one day all dogs can locate their permanent home.
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