People thought the dog was crying for his owner at the grave until they saw what he was hiding


This story about a faithful dog quickly spread around the world. Once people paid attention to an event that took place at one of the graves. A dog named Stephen very often came to the cemetery and sat for hours on the grave of his dead master.

The dog came out of the grave only to try to find food. People who came to the cemetery were amazed at the devotion of this dog. They started bringing him food.

It was autumn, winter was approaching and the cold was coming. People understood that at the grave the dog was waiting for death from the cold and began to hunt him.

However, the faithful dog was not at all going to leave the owner’s grave. The smart animal even dug a hole for itself in which it hid from the cold.

People started taking pictures of the dog and posting the pictures online. The network admired the loyalty and devotion of the shepherd dog. From the outside, it might seem that this story is similar to the story of Hachiko, but this was not entirely true.

Animal rights activist Vessa saw one of the photos of the dog and was imbued with the fate of the dog. She decided to go to the cemetery and find out what was behind such behavior.

Sprint was the only one who went to the hole to see what was there. The woman found the next find – four puppies. Steven specially dug a hole to save his kids from the cold.

The babies were very small. Obviously, they were born quite recently. Vessa discovered that the dog had indeed gone to the cemetery, as its owner was buried there. She then became pregnant and gave birth to puppies. She did not know where to put the children, so she dug a hole for them near the grave of the owner.

Here she warmed the puppies and took care of them. Probably everyone understands that it is extremely difficult to get food in the cold season. However, the shepherd was a wonderful mother. She struggled to feed her puppies, even though she herself was on the verge of exhaustion.

The woman was imbued with warm feelings for this small family that lived in the cemetery. For 2 weeks, she brought food for them every day. Nevertheless, the dog was extremely suspicious of the new man.

She didn’t even let the woman feed her puppies. The dog itself took food in its teeth and carried it to the puppies. It wasn’t until some time later that she began to trust her. It took the shelter worker two weeks to gain the trust of the mother dog. She allowed Vessa to drive her and the puppies to their new home.

The dog already completely trusted his nanny. This is a man with a big heart. She not only helped the dog, but also gave them a happy and peaceful life. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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