Malaysian mom and dad is Swedish: their kids conquer the Internet with their beauty


Sofia was born in 2016. After posting a photo of her newborn daughter for the first time, her mother couldn’t even imagine what would happen in the end.

Sophia’s father is Swedish and her mother is Malaysian. The result of mixing the blood turned out to be incredible.

Just look into those big eyes!

A beautiful girl was born to a young couple. Expressive eyes and a miniature nose are the outstanding features of the girl’s appearance.

Looking at his photographs, one gets the impression that they are being processed using a special computer program. But they are not. She is a real girl who was born through the harmonious combination of genes.

Sofia is very photogenic. It is impossible to take your eyes off the beauty of this child.

Maman prend des photos de sa fille quand elle mange, joue, fait du shopping avec ses parents et s’amuse tout simplement.

Le résultat est une photo charmante, qui fait immédiatement ressortir les yeux ravissants de la jeune fille.

Sofia a un bel avenir. L’essentiel est que sa mère ne la transforme pas en mannequin adulte à un si jeune âge. Pourtant, un enfant devrait avoir une vraie enfance. Et rien d’autre.

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