«I will work as lօng as I have the strength.» 92-year-օld pediatrician helps pօօr children for free


I will work as long as I have the strength.» 92-year-old pediatrician helps poor children for free

Doing good deeds in a totally selfless way is a very rare phenomenon nowadays. Yօս can help by volunteering in many areas.

Whether it’s helping people, nature or even buildings, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can become a volunteer, at any age. Chances are you’ve done a good deed many times before, but never thought about doing it.

Yet it is very important.Let’s take an example. There is a wonderful old man in Brazil, Ivan Fontoura. He is 92 years old, a pediatrician and still working. But he works when he really needs to. He quit his job as a doctor, but he didn’t really stop working.

Now his patients are children in need. He reviews them free of charge on Mondays and Thursdays.

Ivan sees no difference in the race or wealth of those he helps. He just says that he will work as long as he has the strength. His wife Anna admired her husband throughout his life.

She says he is completely humble and doesn’t like to mention his accomplishments. She says with admiration that Ivan has a big heart and wants to help as many children as possible. Because his goal is for children to grow up healthy and happy.

That is why the human mind is more important to him than money. It’s very nice to look at. He does not lose his faith in people, but strengthens it.

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