A photographer takes the last photos of the «Queen of Elephants»


Wildlife photographer Will met the «elephant queen» in his life in the last years of his life.

Will Burrard-Lucas has already launched an elephant photography project in the Tsavo region.

While exploring the area, he discovered the famous elephant queen.

He was told that he had a gentle temperament and was a majestic creature.

After searching, they finally found him. He said that above the bushes, he saw the back of the elephant, and after a few seconds, he came out in the open.

Will was speechless. The elephant was thin and old, but he advanced with majestic grace.

Her tusks were very long, scratching the ground in front of her!

They spent the whole day with him, he drove them to a local waterhole, where he patiently waited to bathe.

Each photograph captured its true grandeur, with each wrinkle symbolizing the victory of time over the dangers of poaching, drought and other natural threats.

Sadly, he passed away a few weeks later, most likely of natural causes.

Fortunately, these photos immortalize him…

He was on the cover of Burrard Lucas’ Land of the Giants, a book about elephant life.

His long and prosperous life is certainly a testament to the hard work that the Tsavo Trust and the Kenya Wildlife Service have done to protect these glorious animals.

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