After being rescued, a stray dog unable to get up gives his rescuer a big hug.


This story is about a dog named Annie McHound. A family found him when the dog was still small, the animal was hiding in the garden. No one knew how long the dog had been there, but they knew they couldn’t waste time.

The dog was very skinny and covered in fleas. They needed emergency help and took him to the vet. At first they cleaned it well. Then they noticed that the dog couldn’t stand on its own.

They wrapped him in soft blankets and gave him fluids. The family fell in love with this dog and couldn’t wait for the animal to live with them, they wanted to continue helping their new friend recover. .

The poor animal had serious health issues, but thanks to the supports he was treated. The dog quickly regained his energy and started breathing oxygen on his own.

He was then moved from the clinic to a corner of the shelter where he could live with other animals. Fortunately, the animal is feeling well and will soon be transferred to a foster family.

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