Man travels 1,700 km to find his stolen dog


Prak loved his dog more than anything. He was with him when the puppy was very small. They quickly bonded and fell deeply in love.

But one day, something very serious happened. His beloved dog Titan disappeared and the man thought it had been stolen when he saw the dog’s collar on the ground.

He posted on his social media and had high hopes that someone would help him find the dog.

He would go to the shelter and look for his dog, just as he always had the dog’s leash with him.

When he lost hope and didn’t think a miracle would happen, he was called and told him they had found a dog that belonged to him. The dog was found beaten, he was thin and exhausted.

They scanned his microchip and revealed his identity. Prak and his girlfriend quickly made their way to South Carolina.

Prak said he never gave up hope of finding him and was still looking for him.

At first, they couldn’t believe their eyes, but after a few seconds, they were already rejoicing. Now the dog is at home and, most importantly, with his beloved family.

But without the dog’s flea, they might never have found it.

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