You are no longer alone! A volunteer brought a dog who lived 10 years in a shelter


The life of this dog is full of terrible trials. But in the end, fate rewarded him for his suffering.

Years ago, Ernie Moss found a frozen dog on the street. His legs were tied with strings and his muscles were contracted by hypothermia.

It was obvious that the dog had been abused. He was sleeping under a tree, but one of his boxers found the chain and began pulling it, taking the owner to the poor animal. The dog was miraculously saved.

His body was frozen and his body temperature dropped because it was snowing all around.

Ernie’s husband called the Animal Rescue Service and went home to get tools to free the dog from the clutches.

The dog was called Tatiana, she spent several months in the hospital and then moved to a shelter. He spent ten years between these four walls until Michelle, who had come to work there, appeared.

He immediately liked the dog and decided to give him a chance to have a good life.

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