A hillarious footage. The funny parrot knocks the window and call her mom again and again
This cute and funny parrot will make you surprised. The parrot will give you many smiles and positive vibes. The parrot give their own opinions and thoughts
A small elephant was rescued from a Thai camp and had a new life
Little Chaba was born in a cаmp of elephаnts in Thailand, where elephаnts are used for public entertainment. For years, his mother showed tricks, rode
The man healed the owl, but then left: when he returned, the bird flew towards him and hugged him.
The Virginia Owl was taken to the vet in serious condition, but Douglas Podzecki managed to get her back on the wing. Then the man had to leave for business.
You are no longer alone! A volunteer brought a dog who lived 10 years in a shelter
The life of this dog is full of terrible trials. But in the end, fate rewarded him for his suffering. Years ago, Ernie Moss found a frozen dog on the street.
An adօrable parrօt develօps a special friendship with two German Shepherd pals
Birds and dogs have a very tight bond. The two best friends of different species have become inseparble friends. These trio is very adorable.