Video. The mսsical parrot’s imitation of Rihanna in Emiոem song has become famoսs and rather stunning


This is a real funny video showing how the parrot sings the song of Rihanna. For some people the parrot sings very well, for some people it is terrifing.

This depends on how do we act towards parrots. This video has become very famous. The song which has become a hit im 2014. The hit is Rihanna and Eminem’s «Monster».

This song is glorious. Unluckily the parrot does not sing the part of Eminem but it sings the part of Rihanna. The parrot both sinds and dances in his cage.

The voice is incredible and this has attracted many people’s attention. The parrot imitates in such a wonderful way.

The video will make your day. This is a real smart and talented parrot.

Here is the video:

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