Meet the adօrable kitten whօ went viral օn Instagram thanks to her adօrable sleep habits


The Japanese cat has won the love of netizens thanks to its unusual sleeping position. The little stuffed cat sleeps so softly that you would not dare to disturb its rest in any way. Even if the fate of humanity depends on it.

Chata is an adorable pooch who was born very recently. But that didn’t stop him from mastering the art of charm, which works perfectly. The cat, like its congeners, likes to sleep on the sofa filled with cushions. But he does it so well that no one dares to wake him up.

What makes Chata’s naps particularly cute are her little paws, which are so small that she doesn’t have enough weight to roll on her side. Instead, he presses them against his body, bringing the level of cuteness to an all-time high.

Judging by the happy smile that spreads on the little cat’s face, it can be said that his cat dreams are the best. He has to run after an endless ball of wool and then has his stomach scratched.

Chata, by the way, is an active Instagram user. She has her own account where cat owners often post pictures of their pets.

A real Instagram star always chooses a pose that gets the most likes. And Chata knows it.

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