While rescuers were helping the dog, another creature appeared.


When they noticed this sick dog crossing the street, the drivers stopped and let him go. No one tried to catch or disturb him.

And because he was sick, it was difficult for him to move his legs.

One of the drivers managed to take a picture of it and pass it on to the volunteers. Animal rights activists arrived at the scene and met with the dog. He was lying on an old sheet and couldn’t breathe.

They thought it was a beautiful white dog.

The volunteers carried him in their arms while the dog was exhausted and suddenly noticed that he had a broken bone. A little later, a cat was heard running towards the dog.

And despite his beauty, he was also sick. And in order not to separate from his friends, they decided to take him with them.

Eventually, they were both taken to the clinic. The dog stayed at the clinic for treatment and the cat was taken to the clinic.

The volunteers hope that the two animals, which have suffered greatly, will soon find a home.

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