To encourage pet adoption, Tom Hardy brought his rescue puppy to a movie premiere


Some folks travel with their cherished dogs. However, seeing a doggy on the red carpet wasn’t too common, but fortunately, actor Tom Hardy recently offered us this present.

His dog is accustomed to making public appearances. He promotes pet adoption by traveling with his cherished canine companion.

Hardy and Wody have been inseparable since they first met, and it’s very clear from their time together how strong their bond is.

The well-known actor met Wody while working on a movie.

He chose to adopt the yellow lab and bring him to his house in London after seeing him walking the streets of Atlanta.

Wody is not the only dog Hardy has adopted, though. The actor claimed, ‘I pretty much always get a dog wherever I go.’

‘You cannot bring another dog from work home with you. I will, however, always find one.

Either get my own dog, find a dog and keep it at home, or I find a dog and take care of it at every task we do.

‘I remember when you used to go to class with your puppy in one hand and a bottle of juice in the other,’ my former theatre teacher recalled.

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