The cat screamed in the kitchen, the owner entered the kitchen, about to kick him out


There are many stories of cats that saved the lives of their ownersOne day the owner of this cat went on vacation and decided to leave his cat with his brother.

Her brother decided to move into his sister’s apartment for a short time so that he could take care of the cat more easily. However, he began to feel unwell, was sick and wanted to lie down.

Soon, he heard the cat’s voice from the kitchen and stood up to see what was going on. He took the drinking water and went to sleep in his room, but the next day everything happened again. The next day, the boy fed the cat again, checked that everything was okay and fell asleep.

But because the sound of the cat bothered him, the boy decided to take the animal out of the house, but something was wrong. When he realized he couldn’t sleep, he decided to make coffee, went to the stove and… They lit the gas, but there was no flame.

Here’s how it happened and what actually happened. It turns out that the cat saved his life.

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