The Pitbull puppy has been blind since birth and is lօօking for a family tօ guide him thrօughօսt his life


The Pitbull puppy has been blind since birth and is looking for a family to guide him throughout his life.

Steve, a four-month-old blind puppy, was born with microphthalmia, which leads to blindness, with abnormally small eyes in one or both eyes.

Steve adapts to a blind life, tends to sit down and is currently working on basketball and other teams training.

Pitbull is currently in charge of Kalamazoo Animal Rescue and is looking for an eternal home. It is as gentle as it gets, always up to date with all vaccines, sterilized and missing.

He is very brave and can act with other dogs even if he is blind.

She enjoys tug-of-war, wrestles with adoptive friends, kisses adoptive parents, is very patient with them and has experience with guide dogs and training trains.

From a fenced yard, it is best to provide a minimum of steps or steps that can be blocked to prevent a fall.

It is already quite dominant, so it is better not to keep other dogs or at least obedient men at home. He is currently a friend of his cat.

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