16-year-old shelter dog with cancer has ‘completely reborn’ after foster home gave it new life


All dogs deserve to spend their last years in a loving and comfortable home, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Many older dogs wait in shelters because many people don’t want to bring them home.

But, fortunately, there are people who are willing to open their hearts to old dogs, giving them a chance to live their best lives in the last months and years.

Zach Skou often picks up dogs that need a home. But when he crossed paths with an old dog named Henry, it was the beginning of something special.

Henry was taken to the shelter by his owners because, as a dog aged about 16, he had a number of health problems. He was deaf and partially blind, and he had cancerous tumors on his body.

Zach decided to take the dog into foster care, initially believing that the old dog only had a few weeks or even days to live.

However, Henry settled into his new temporary home and, after receiving some love and kindness, suddenly transformed into a cheerful and playful dog.

It was improving almost every hour, it is just completely reborn!

Henry underwent surgery to remove the cancer, after which he continued to change every day.

This shows the impact that pet care can have, especially on an older dog. If Zach hadn’t stepped in and given Henry a home, he probably would have been euthanized or died alone in an orphanage.

As the weeks passed, it became clear that Henry was still full of life. To his surprise, he soon received several requests for adoption. One was from Caro Aguilar, who had fallen in love with Henry.

Seeing Henry in person, she adopted him forever, even though she knew the dog didn’t have much time left.

Caro said this. «We’re just going to enjoy it for as long as we spend with it.»

Henry was slow to adjust to his new home. Karo slept with him downstairs for the first two weeks after bringing him home because he was very shy.

It bloomed again two weeks later. Every day he went further and further in their walks. He could run about a mile without stopping!

The family ensured that Henry had many fun adventures during his final days.

And sadly, Henry passed away in June. The family was comforted by the fact that in the last hours of his life, the dog had a loving family.

He passed on Karo’s hands and knees with love, ear rubbing, boops and lots of kisses from the whole family.

«I’m a mess and my heart is broken. He was a joy in my life that I can’t explain, he brought sunshine on dark days and unconditional love every day… I know he has brought joy to so many people and in my family, you have all brought the light and love that we don’t have. I couldn’t understand. »

Henry is now on the rainbow bridge, but his story is still a happy one: thanks to these kind people, Henry spent his last months surrounded by love.

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