The adօptive mօther refuses tօ euthanize her little pit bսll despite the fact that he was born with problems and with a different appearance


When a nurse practitioner in Westchester County, New Yօrk, օnce welcomed a small, newborn pit bull into her home that was barely clinging to life, she knew they both had an uphill battle ahead of them.

However, Marie Demarco still loved little Sasha and wanted to help her get a chance in life, and this love is what attracts them both.

Born in early September, a with a clear lip cleft and a pallet could not suck, and on the very first day of her life she was threatened with death because of it.

They called Courtney Bellew Animal Rescue, and learning that poor Sasha needed urgent help, Marie took her to DeMarco, who had a lot of experience caring for sick kittens.

It was later revealed that Sasha also suffered from hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in the skull), upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection and orthopedic problems.

Demarco said she had incredible will and determination.

Despite all this, she really shouldn’t be there. The dog tried by all means to survive.

Despite the first 3 and a half scary months, Sasha is getting stronger every day and can even wear adorable dresses and sweaters to keep warm.

You’re a strong baby, Sasha!

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