Hօmeless puppies saved the life օf an abandօned girl by warming her from the winter cold


This man, who lived in India, once found a newborn baby lying next to the dogs. The child was a girl.

She silently lay next to the dogs in the hay and warmed herself. She had no clothes on and was kept warm by the puppies and their mother.

He believed that the mother, who gave birth to a girl at that time, abandoned her. The little girl survived thanks to little puppies who kept her warm to keep her warm.

The dogs were also hot, but they saved the life of a newborn girl. It was December and it was very cold. She was very lucky to meet these dogs there, who kept her warm.

When the man brought the little girl to the clinic, she was examined and found to be completely healthy. Her name was Akansha, and she was sent to a children’s center.

Now they are trying to find his parents. Dogs are our saviors at any time of the year.

We must always keep them healthy and happy because they are so devoted to people and love us so much. They need people’s support too!

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