This dog who has spent her whole life in a shelter finds comfort in cuddling in toys
Due to her bad behavior towards other furry creatures, a spent two difficult years in a shelter after being abandoned by her family. Unfortunately, there
An Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Who Is Sick And Can’t Breathe Easily Decides To Wear A Mask For His Mists
Fred, a cute little dog, has a respiratory disease that is causing him difficulty breathing as a result of his traumatic past with his old owners.
Do You Remember Abbey, The Dog From ‘I Am Legend’? She Is Now 13 And Still A Good Girl
I Am Legend may have been one of several films that helped Will Smith establish himself as a serious actor in the mid to late 2000s (along with The Pursuit
Very funny footage. A hillarious moment peek-a-boo with neighbour’s cat
Even it seems that only humans tease each other. Animals also have the habbit of tesasing each other. Though it seems that parrots are afraid of cats.
A positive video. The crazy umbrella cockatoo loses his mind whenever he sees a camera
An umbrella cockatoo just adores to be crazy. Whenever the white coloured cute creature sees a camera he behaves rather different. The sweet cockatoo tries
A hillarious footage of a crazy cockatoo. Angry Cockatoo destroys entire row of anti-nesting spikes
Here in Ozzyland, we bloody love a rogue. Yeah, fair dinkum, ever since the days of Ned Kelly, cheeky scallywags have been high on our list of Ozzy legends
Look carefully at the picture and count how many dogs you see. you will know your psychological age
It often happens that our psychological age does not correspond to our biological age. And if the difference is too big, it can affect the individual.
Service dօg got his օwner through grad schօօl, so the university gave him his own degree
Dogs are the irreplacable companions of people, especially the service pups. They are always around when someone needs them. This service dog stayed by
The poor blind cat couldn’t take it anymore and died last night
Honey B was a very curious cat that was blind. He now lives in Seattle and hails from the Caribbean. After this man adopted him, his favorite hobbies were
The heart-sick dog turns away when called by name: he has a wish before he dies…
This cute little dog had a very big desire, her name was Konji. As he got older, he developed a large tumor. He does not suffer physically, but is emotionally disabled.