Enjoy this fun collection of all the best cօckatօօ videօs.
Cockatoos are the funniest birds ever. They love to sing, repeat everything they hear and are incredibly intelligent birds. Enjoy this fun collection of
A grandfather brought his dog to the hospital with tears in his eyes because he had no money for treatment
Seeing the tears on the man’s face and the pain in the dog’s eyes, the veterinarian did exactly what he had to… It is said that happiness is not measured
A jealօus parrօt does not accept the bօyfriend of his օwner
This feathered adores his mistress and does not want to share her with anyone else. And for the parrot, the arrival of a new family member named Ryan is a real change.
Judge Judy lets stolen dog loose in courtroom so he can pick who his real owner is
We all know Judge Judy right? It is a famous TV Judge that makes decisions in small cases in front of the audience. All shows are televised.
EXCLUSIVE․ Kardashian showed a photo shoot that went crazy: be sure you haven’t seen it yet
Kim Kardashian’s latest trip to Turks & Caicos found the beauty hitting the beach in a white bikini, flaunting her 21-pound weight loss during a playful photoshoot.
Angry cockatoo throws priceless expletive-filled tantrum when it’s time to go to bed
Pebble is not going to get any commands and makes it more than obvious. You know Cockatoos right? So they are very alike parrots, though they are lack