Baby With Belly Fսll Օf Worms Is Tossed Օn Roadside & Left To Fade Away


Someone, whօse heart is as black as coal, adopted this sweet puppy and then when she got sick, she was left on the side of the road to die! Who could do something so hօrrific tօ such an innօcent soul? We cannot imagine!

A truck was driving through. The driver saw the dog and called a local rescuer. The rescuer raced over immediately. From the pup’s sad little face, the rescuer could tell that this dog needed help. She didn’t even have the strength to move, writes

What was most concerning was how distended her belly was. Because this is a very poor part of the world, and there are no x-ray machines or fancy tests, the rescuer is trained to assess what he can and treat from there. From his experience, he believed she had a belly full of worms. This was common in the area since most people didn’t have the money to deworm their puppies..

Due to the worms, the puppy was very malnourished. She was likely anemic too. The rescuer gave her dewormer, pain medication and antibiotics.

As soon as she felt better, the puppy would eat and regain his strength. But for now, she needed a lot of sleep. That soft blanket she was given worked miracles.

The rescuer’s hunch was right! In a few days, the puppy’s health drastically improved! She was hungry! The patient rescuer wanted to start her on broth which would be very gentle on her belly! As she drank from the large bowl of broth, her tail even wagged.

Soon, she was motivated to stand and eat. Once she had some food in her belly, she even wanted to play! Before long, she was completely healthy (and happy!) The rescuer even lined up a good home for her.

The puppy who was literally at death’s door is now living her best life. Thank you so much for saving her!

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