A blind dօg went tօ bed and waited fօr paradise, fօrced to get up as the wօman screamed


When we adopt a pet, it is a commitment forever. There are no exceptions to this rule. However, not all dog owners seem to understand this.

When a dog was painfully injured and became blind, its owner felt that he was no longer worthy of his home. By the time the dog was found, he was so low from hunger and dehydration.

The poor puppy, who was no longer «worthy» of a roof over his head, was found lying in the mud. He was weakened by hunger and dehydration.

The dog decided that this was where he would stay until he died. He had accepted that his life was over since the only person he really loved had abandoned him.

Rescuers found it just in time! He was too weak to stand so they lifted him up and put him in their vehicle. It was time to go to the veterinary clinic and get this dog treatment! The nice boy was so patient on his way.

Of course, he was scared, but he also knew that these nice humans were going to help him. He now understood that the end of his life should not come so soon.

The veterinarian confirmed that the dog was beyond starvation. He was so severely anemic that he needed several blood transfusions. While the warrior dog was being treated, rescuers made as many phone calls as possible.

They also posted on their Facebook to request a foster home. This poor boy should not stay at the veterinary clinic longer than necessary. He needed to live love inside a house!


The next afternoon, rescuers received a call from a nice woman. She had experience with blind animals and wanted to offer her home as a safe place for the dog to heal. It was the perfect match. Once the vet medically authorized the puppy, he met his new adoptive mother and it was love at first sight!

The dog that accepted his imminent death is now THRIVING. Rumor has it that it could also be an adoptive failure! His adoptive mother couldn’t imagine him happier anywhere else. Everyone who meets him falls in love with the nice boy.

It doesn’t matter if he is blind; it is amazing! We are delighted that this puppy has found happiness forever despite everything he has been through. Thank you to the lifeguards, the veterinary staff and his new mom!

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