Two rare purebred puppies were thrown in the trash like garbage


This story tells the story of a poor bear cub thrown into a trash can in a certain country of Greece. We don’t know why they were dumped, maybe they were sick or something, but that’s not enough reason to dump dogs.

You can find puppies in trash cans and try to save them during this island, Salamina, all the time it seems people don’t like dogs during this island.

The important reason why there are many abandoned dogs in Salamina is that many people have come to the island to throw their dogs away because they don’t want them.

Unfortunately, you will find thousands of stray dogs in Salamina from shepherds, hunters, strays, abandoned dogs and chained dogs. you will find almost everything here!

You can see these mixed breed puppies begging for food outside, we need to look for an answer to this problem. Many of us wanted to adopt these puppies, but they think they are Chihuahuas!

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