Dying Dօg With The Saddest Eyes Saved, Nօw She Desperately Begs Fօr A Home


Anna was a sickly, malnourished dog from Romania. She had given up hope owing to severe malnourishment, anemia, mange, and flea infestation.

She was in critical condition when “Howl Of A Dog” rescuers discovered her.

Anna’s medical records revealed that malnutrition was the root cause of all of her health problems. She was dehydrated, had lost a large amount of muscle mass and body fat, and her blood profile was not encouraging.

To make matters worse, digestive tract parasites prevented her from absorbing nutrients from meals.

Doctors gave her antibiotics, and intravenous glucose and amino acids helped her gradually regain strength. Her sorrowful eyes haunted the rescuers, and they swore to assist her in any way they could.

Anna’s rehabilitation was on track thanks to plenty of love and care. Every day, her feeble body became stronger, and she was able to run and grin again!

Sweet Anna is significant to everyone who helped her heal, and they all hope she finds a suitable permanent home where she can be happy and protected.

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