A man and a wօman walking in the wօօds found rusty cans, what they cօntained made them millionaires


An ordinary couple, a very ordinary man and woman went for a walk with their dogs, taking the path to the forest. One of the animals showed interest in a rather banal pot placed near a tree.

The jar was almost half immersed in clay. The owners of the animal decided to investigate the discovery and took it out of the clay. The object turned out to be quite heavy, but relatively small in size.

Imagine the surprise in their eyes when they realized that it was not a simple can of fish or stew that had been thrown away like garbage, but a barrel whose contents remained a mystery. Shaking the box a little, they heard a rattling sound.

The couple took the find home to open it later with a special tool. The content turned out to be simply stunning. The entire interior was filled with coins.

After such a unique discovery, the couple immediately set out to find a metal detector. Fortunately, they quickly found a rental store for this type of equipment. They took him to the place where they had just walked their animals. In a short time, they dug up two more such jars in the same place, all filled with coins.

The pieces date from the late nineteenth century. Almost all of them were gold-based, but the weight of the find was not taken into account in the evaluation. Some parts were rated at five zeros. After many interviews and the signing of piles of documents, the most ordinary dog breeders have enriched themselves with more than 10 million dollars.

Their results are sometimes of considerable value, not only for a people or a culture, but also for countries and even for the whole world. An ordinary 19th century coin can shed light on certain moments in history, on the technology used for the strike or on the trade relations between different nations, cities and states.

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