The dog became a firefighters’ assistant, after illegal dog fights


The dog became a firefighter’s assistant, after illegal dog fights. This dog was saved from dog fights. Now he has become a firefighter.’ assistant.

The dog helps firefighters to extinguish fires, find their shelters. This dog is called Rocky.Il participated in dog fights,which was illegal. Rocky was five months old when his mother and sister saved. From that day Rocky no longer participated in dog fights. He entered his shelter which specialized in the extraction of stray dogs.

The treatment lasts a few months, we study dogs how to look for and find prohibited objects, criminal. The firefighter asked for shelter a dog that had a stronger sense of smell. This dog could find the fires and extinguish quickly. The dog had a special jacket.

During his short practice Rocky has already completed helping firefighters find contraband and sources of the fire and arrest the culprit. This beautiful dog does its job well.

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