Researchers Say Lօving Cats Is a Sigո օf High Intelligeոce


Animals are smarter than we think. And I pretend that my dog and cat realize when I’m happy or sad. That’s how I feel, at least for myself. They are also best friends and seem to understand and care about each other.

However, the question is what does it say about yourself if you own a pet. I’ve never really thought about it, I admit – but earlier today I came across research that shows that most people who love cats, in general, are very smart.

Dogs and cats are the most common animals when it comes to choosing a pet. But, the question of which of the two animals you prefer is a true classic.

And while most people have an answer to this question. I belong to a few people who don’t really know. At home, we have both a dog and a cat – and I could never choose between them.

However, a recent study conducted by researcher Denise Guastello reveals the differences between people who love dogs and people who love cats, according to Unilad.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, who founded both the MindFixers organization and the famous McKeown Clinic, said:

The study was conducted on 600 students. It has been found that dogs are more social and extroverted while cat lovers are more sensitive and open-minded. It also turned out that those who prefer cats are more neurotic.

He continues: «In addition, cats tend to defend what they think – no matter what the environment says, which may indicate that they are more independent. The survey also reveals that those who love cats, in general, have higher intelligence and are more educated.

They’re more likely to finish college, McKeown says. The study indicates that cats are generally more independent than dogs, which can be a major factor in cat owners having more time available for other things — like studying and working.

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