Lying alone, hidden in fear, she seemed to determine that she would never be alone again!


After finding a frightened kitten hiding under an electric wire outside an office building, good Samaritans got in touch with Alley Cat Rescue. Mom was nowhere to be found.

«We could see that he had a cleft lip and knew he needed help. He was immediately taken to our vet and passed an examination,» Alley Cat Rescue told kitten Cat Post.

At the age of eight weeks, he was half the size he should be, weighing 400 grams. However, once inside a rescue shirt, he fell in love with humans and refused to be left alone.

Once he realized he was safe, the kitten named Frito was an instant snuggl.

Some kittens with cleft lips have trouble eating. “He is able to eat, and loves his food, but is definitely underweight, so we are very slowly increasing feedings,” said the rescue.

After a few days of eating and being cleared of unwanted hitchhikers, Frito’s body had absorbed much-needed nutrients, and his appetite improved along with his energy levels.

Despite his diminutive size, which belied his age, Frito quickly learned to use his litter box and quickly found his voice to let everyone know about it.

But what he wanted most was the undivided attention of everyone around him, constantly seeking out laps and belly rubs.

When he was ready to meet the other resident animals, Bubblegum, a former rescue, volunteered to mentor Frito in exchange for some kitten treats.

The much larger gray jumped into Frito’s pen and waited to see what would happen only to find the fearless kitten walk on up and give him a nose kiss.

“It was total love at first sight for Bubblegum,” Alley Cat Rescue said.

Frito trusted Bubblegum right off the bat and thought nothing of engaging in some roughhousing with him.

Clearly a patient cat, Bubblegum put up with the tiny felines antics while he tried to track down a snack.

He waited for his tiny friend to tire himself out and wrapped his arms around him for a nap on the sofa.

Frito has a huge personality packed into his tiny body.

He will need it too as soon he will be meeting the other rescue kittens to unleash his unbridled energy on.

After a tough start to life, he is clearly grateful and handing out cuddles to all in sundry.

His future forever family is going to have a very cute feline cuddle bug to contend with.

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