A British parrօt which was missing fօr 4 years returns speaking Spanish


A parrot named Nigel is an African parrot. The parrot disappeared from his owner’s home in California.

Luckily, the cute parrot was found 4 years later. The parrot was safe and sound only changed his accent.

When the parrot got lost he spoke English, then the parrot was found he spoke Spanish. The sweet parrot was foubd by a dog grooming parlour owner named Julia Sperling.

The pet wad reuntied with his owner. The owner of the parrot was happy to get reunited with the parrot after four years seperation.

The woman who found the parrot had seen the photo of the missing parrot in the advertisment.

Now they feel happy to have each other again though the parrot talks in Spanish and barks like a dog and says «What has happened? on Spanish.

Here is the video:

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