This four-eared one-eyed cat was the only survivor of the entire litter. Despite his condition, he found an owner


Frankie the cat is a very special cat. Frankie is a very unusual cat, but a lot of unusual things have happened to him. He had two pairs of ears instead of one, which means he had four ears. He also had a strange bite, which gave his face an angular appearance.

There was also a problem with his hind legs, so his gait was slightly clumsy, and his limbs were very far apart.

People placed him in foster care and then took him to a shelter where one of the volunteers, Georgie Andersen, fell in love with him. This man helped Frankie most often at the shelter and they became friends.

One day, he decided to bring Frankie home, even though keeping such a cat presented many difficulties, both financial and countless.

Anyway, Frankie went to Georgie’s house, where he turned out to be the kindest and sweetest animal in the world, and also very playful. Of course, the peculiarities of the cat’s physical condition leave traces in his life – he can not run fast and jump high, and also hears badly, even if he has four ears.

But this is more than compensated by its character: it is very active, curious and sometimes has a bushy tail. Frankie is not very smart and quick-witted, for example, he does not know not to stand near a hot electric stove or a bathtub full of hot water – probably another of his character traits.

For this reason, the owner must be very careful not to leave dangerous objects unattended, otherwise Frankie will want to play with them. The only real problem at the moment is the cat bite. Due to the structure of his jaw, the absorption of solid food makes him uncomfortable.

Georgie hopes to save for an expensive operation in the future, but for now, the cat is eating soft food. All in all, Frankie is certainly very lucky. Even when they arrive at a shelter, they usually don’t stay there long, as keeping them takes too much effort and money.

But Frankie had the chance to meet a good person, to whom he now gives his love and care, and these problems that exist… well, you have to put up with them, and after all, they’re not that big, after all.

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