An elderly dog drօpped puts his paw on a man’s arm aոd desperately asks fօr empathy


We present you this old dog unfortunately deaf and blind and also suffering from cancer. However, there was a man who was willing to give her another chance.

The dog’s name was Henry. Unfortunately, he was abandoned because he was diagnosed with a disease. They did not even try to help the animal and left it in a desperate state.

He had no will to live and as a result of cancer, his health also deteriorated. Being deaf and blind in one eye worsened his physical condition, and due to the constant pain, he couldn’t even move.

Fortunately, he was greeted by Zach Skow who noticed the dog’s poor condition. He accepted the animal into his foster family where the dog spent the last days of his life.

Eventually, this man decided that the dog needed to be operated on, and after all this, the dog is reborn.

After his recovery, the dog was adopted and now he lives in a wonderful family and is surrounded by love.

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