The man returns to the shelter to adopt the puppy he saved and the dog’s joy is overwhelming.


It’s really a wonder how some people can simply give up their pets.

Thank God for the others who go out of their way to save and even adopt these beautiful animals. They need our love.

Meet Joey Wagner. He is a sailor from Nova Scotia, and man loves animals. He loves them so much that he rescued a helpless puppy and gave him a new home.

It was in 2012 when Wagner met a Pitbull puppy named Mojo. The poor little puppy was about to die. Mojo suffered from extreme demodectic scabies.

It is a parasitic disease of the skin that caused the dog to lose a lot of hair.

Wagner’s heart was immediately moved and he knew he had to take the puppy to the vet. He did, but the vets couldn’t give him a definitive answer if the Pitbull puppy would make it.

Wagner learned that the puppy had been used as bait in dog fighting circles. No wonder Mojo is in such a pitiful state. But the dog was a tough little dog.

Mojo fought and survived.

Mojo’s scabies was so severe that he needed more time to heal. This meant that he could not be adopted yet, but the puppy was determined and he persevered to improve. Mojo slowly but surely improved and soon returned to his old self.

The shelter workers became very fond of Mojo. They loved the puppy so much that they didn’t want Mojo to go to just anyone.

The workers knew that Mojo deserved only the best, and they knew who deserved the beautiful Mojo. Wagner saved Mojo’s life and it was normal for the dog to go to him.

Wagner and Mojo ended up at the animal shelter. Mojo instantly recognized his hero and lifeline during the adoption process. The best part was that it wasn’t just a meeting.

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