How a wօman fօund a frozen piece օf happiness near the car


The woman was rushing home after a long day at work. She slammed the car door and was already anticipating the pleasure of finding herself in a warm and cozy apartment.

But suddenly, she heard a pitiful squeak. The woman did not immediately realize that this sound could be emitted by a living creature. It was dark outside, it was cold and the wind was screaming loudly. Suddenly, a feeling in his heart made him stop

She noticed a mound near the next car, which looked like a mound of snow, but suddenly started moving slightly. The woman approached, squatted down and almost gasped. He was a puppy. He was so frozen that he could barely move, he was just shivering.

«Where are you from, little one?» the woman asks, as if she could hear the answer. Then she was suddenly struck by lightning. There was no time to talk and no time to procrastinate. «Why am I sitting here? She begins to realize that she needs to act as quickly as possible – hypothermia is not a joke, the puppy can mo laugh.

She tried to examine the muzzle of her find to determine what state the animal was in.

There was the right floor, the door and the warmth of the apartment. The woman, without even taking off her shoes, entered the room. She immediately placed the puppy on the bed, among the soft cushions, and then rushed into the kitchen. She had to heat milk so that the puppy could drink something warm.

At first, the puppy was just sitting on the bed, then the snow on him began to melt and he became all wet. She tried to give the puppy a drink, he did not immediately agree to wash the milk, but after a while he warmed up a little and realized that he was safe here.

And the woman looked at this funny puppy and understood that now he was going to stay here, and they were going to live together and be happy. In this winter period, happiness can also be found under the wheels of a car.

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